Tales of Guild 05.05.2017

Borrowing From Boys

Photographer – Felix Laasme

Model – Joan Hint


When it comes to suits, it comes to men, right? The empowering, beautiful element of their.. But the word suit derives from the French suite, meaning “following” so why not to follow the ones we love, anyway?

Just as numerous women we’ve met once fell in love with their cavaliers, we’ve experienced how some of them have also lost their hearts to the long suit-coats we made for their gentlemen. And so did our Joan who one day decided to change the game and make such suits for ladies as well.

The versatile suit jackets may be worn both as streetwear and workwear as well as a light coat – and on this side of paradise, it means basically all around the year.

GUILD suits and hats are available in our store Lai 36, Tallinn