Tales of Guild 09.10.2023

Guild Gowns

Photoraphy — Felix Laasme
Bride — Pille Salupere
Location — Royal Gardens of Kadriorg

Crafted for Goddesses,
Fit for Fairytales

Weddings carry the particular kind of magic of new beginnings. It is a day when love stories come to life, and the brides take center stage as the radiant stars of the show. At GUILD, we value the significance of this day, and we genuinely believe that every bride deserves to feel like a goddess wrapped in a gown that mirrors the ethereal – and eternal – beauty of the moment.

Crafting Gowns for Goddesses

For some years already, we’ve been dedicated to the art of crafting wedding dresses that transcend the ordinary. The wedding gown should reflect your inner self and style and embody the essence of the divine.

Introducing the Eydis Gown: Fit for Real-Life Fairytales

Picture this: you’re stepping down the aisle in a gown named after the Goddess of Luck herself, “Eydis.” The most important dress in your life that turns the magic of your dreams into reality! Crafted from the most exquisite silk, the Eydis gown is a masterpiece of ethereal beauty that will leave everyone spellbound.

Mesmerizing Bishop Sleeves and a Skirt that Dances with Every Step

The gown boasts mesmerizing bishop sleeves infused with vintage romance. These sleeves add an element of whimsy and timelessness to the bridal look. The gown’s wide skirt is designed to dance with every step you take. As you glide down the aisle or twirl during your first dance, watch as hearts skip a beat and gasps of admiration fill the air.

A Gown as Unique as You Are

What sets the Eydis gown apart is its enchanting design and versatility. This gown is meticulously crafted according to your measurements and consists of three pieces:

– The V-neckline bodysuit with a transparent bottom that adds a contemporary edge to the overall look.
– A flowy high-waisted A-line silk skirt that exudes grace and sophistication. It also features a small train and a long front slit that reveals a glimpse of your beautiful skin as you walk down the aisle.
– A matching belt allows you to customize your bridal ensemble to your heart’s desire.

The bodysuit, skirt, and belt may all be worn separately. For example, you may pair the bodysuit with high-waisted sleek trousers as your evening outfit or wear it years later with pencil skirts.

Let Luck and Love Be Your Companions

All items of such special events should be done with the utmost awareness, with a touch of magic and love. Everything carries a vibration, so the emotions of the seamstress also matter, as the white dresses are made to bring luck.

All our gowns are mindfully crafted in Tallinn when ordered, ensuring they are as unique as the bride who wears them. We are also delighted to offer the option of preparing this gown in different colours to match your vision of dream style. Please note that due to the meticulous craftsmanship involved, production of the Eydis gown takes between 12-16 weeks.

Your wedding day will be magical, and the Eydis gown is here to make it even more memorable. So, step into your fairytale, and let luck and love be your companions as you embark on this beautiful journey of a lifetime!

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