Tales of Guild 14.06.2020


Photographer — Felix Laasme
Henna Art — Julia Korn
Sneakers — BALLZY

“The World is a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”

Warm breeze dancing in our ivory robes, the sunshine powdering us with a golden haze. The serene skies reflecting from the ground, and the mellow beats of hip-hop sound. To celebrate the launch of our new capsule collection crafted of white honeycomb fabric we teamed up with BALLZY – a local sneakerdealer for basketball and street couture enthusiasts.

Leisurewear x Space-Age Sneakers

Crossing the swords of leisurewear, our robes made a perfect match with Jordan Proto-Max 720 from the shelves of Ballzy. The space-age sneakers bring the future to the streets while reflecting the moon white waffle pattern of our fresh attire.
The three-dimensional weave allows the air to flow through the fabric so that it dries quickly and makes a goofproof companion on court, beach, or street.

Where talents are born

Nike Jordan’s legacy is long and tightly interwoven with basketball culture – so capturing the symbiosis on a local court field was more than natural. The playgrounds are famous for uniting people. No matter the background, color, ethnicity, or age.

A place that unites culture. Creates culture. A place that bonds. Where talents are born. And a place that brings out our true nature – are we the winners? And if not, how do we accept the loss and still manage to keep our spirits high? As life is not about winning, it’s about accepting. Becoming better. 

Humans are part of the animal kingdom and animals like to play. This keeps us youthful, vital, and strong. And connected – when we need real connections more than ever! The playgrounds are the city’s true cultural venues. No other place connects us with the others – and ourselves – like that.

We don’t go to the art gallery and come out with twenty new friends. No – it’s the game, the vibe, that freedom that unites us. That’s where friendships start  – we can play against strangers and by the end of the game know more about each other than we would after 5 years of office time.

No matter the background, colour or age

We decided to play on the court of Lasnamäe, the Soviet district built mainly in the 1970s. It’s the most populous neighborhood in Tallinn and yet, one of the most controversial ones. Being mainly Russian-speaking, the local Estonians make up a minority. Healthy relations are possible and usually start – guess where? – on the playgrounds! This is where languages are learned, friends, and memories made. No matter the background, colour, ethnicity, or age.

If you’re in the park, you’re part of the culture.