Tales of Denim 19.06.2017

Summer Two Thousand Seventeen

Photographer – Dmitri Gerasimov

Model – Sten Karik

sun and leisure
militia and bribery
zhigulis and volgas
brutalist architecture
iron curtain and deficit
import rarities from Finland
dollars and foreign currency

The Summer In Forgotten Riviera

These are just a few keywords when we think about the ‘pohhuist’ vibe of summer 2017. Loose-fitting jeans, button-up shirts, golden import watches, and almost legendary KARHU sneakers from Finland naturally make perfect companions for summer strolling.

Photographed in the surroundings of the Olympic Yachting Centre built in Tallinn for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the denim collection of summer 2017 is available in Reval Denim Guild’s flagship store Toomrüütli.