Tales of Guild 02.11.2017


As the temperature’s dropping it’s time to embrace yourself with a warm waistcoat.

And though we here in Northern Hemisphere may be grateful for such miracles of mankind, the origin of waistcoats is rather surprising – one of the most classic elements of gentleman’s wardrobe was introduced by Charles II of England in 1660s as a part of “correct dress” after he had become fascinated with Persian vests seen in the court of Shah Abbas. No winter in Persia but protecting the body with fine fabrics seems to date back to the exotic and rich era of the world.

Crafted in Tallinn, our waistcoats are made of 100% pure new wool or raw denim. Here’s one of the warmest waistcoats the North has ever seen – high-quality German wool lined with exceptional Japanese diamond-stitched fabric.

Or the gentlemen’s raw denim waistcoats
of fine Italian 11oz raw denim

– the classic element suitable for both
festive events and daily business.

The soft and more flexible waistcoats are crafted of light wool, lined with sleek viscose and the colour palette is rich – black, white, mushroom, burgundy and ruby red. All available in our Tallinn store and also, made to order.