Tales of Denim 04.10.2017

Artisan Coat

Photographer – Felix Laasme
Models – Kevinski, Khmelnitsky & Malmadaan

Artisan Coats and Wandersel jeans restocked!

Handcrafted in Tallinn of stretch mid-weight denim, the long jackets have definitely become one of our signature items.

The word “artisan” itself derives
from mid 16th century

— The time of guilds
– from Latin ‘artitus’ meaning “skilled”.

We believe, to be truly skilled in something, one must have love and dedication towards the practice of specific crafts. It may be artistic expressions, technological crafts, or basically everything made by man as it is the nature of the artisan to express oneself through the physical world – through invention, creation, and the manifestation of things.

Look for our Artisan Coats and skinny tapered jeans at our store Lai 36, Tallinn. Welcome!