Tales of Guild 27.09.2017


“Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind”

Quite lately, a lifestyle magazine Hooligan Hamlet captured our experimental set of nomadic apparel in the abandoned districts of czar-time Tallinn. Before monumental buildings, there were trees and shrubs, a landscape of the living.

“We’ve forgotten who we are and we can’t even grasp where we are. Paradise is definitely not a garden that mankind lost thousands of years ago. If there ever was such place, we’re sure it’s still here – the Earth itself is the great garden and we’ve just covered it with asphalt, metal, and stone”, says our head designer Joan Hint.

She adds, “It is our responsibility to remember and to start taking care of it. Otherwise, there’ll truly come a day when trees, plants, and animals will only wonder on human’s clothes and memories.”

Designed and worn by Sten Karik, the experimental set is made to order. The hooded bomber jackets will be available in limited numbers since spring 2018.