Tales of Guild 30.11.2017

Ashy Suits

Photographer – Felix Laasme

Being a man is a matter of age. Being a gentleman is a matter of choice

– Vin Diesel

To keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter, we’re introducing you the 3 button suit jackets together with extremely comfortable wide pleated trousers and high-waisted pants of Chapter Three.

The straight fitting suits are crafted of high-quality lambswool mixed with alpaca that make the elegant suits warm and breathable and therefore, suitable from early autumns to late springs. The classic ancestor of 3button suits was once also Gatsby’s favourite and much loved again in the roaring 90s.

The wide pleated trousers – Mahorkas, as we named them – were inspired by working-class revolutionaries who chose comfort at the end of the 18th century as a contrast to upper class’ knee-breeches. Our pants are originally long yet they can also be turned up to ankle-length trousers.

Next to wide-pleated pants we also created posture perfecting high-waisted trousers that make a gentleman look tall and the silhouette streamlined.

The suits jackets and trousers are complemented with warm, hand-knitted gloves and turtlenecks.

Already since the 15th century, turtlenecks have been associated with philosophers, artists and intellectuals and viewed as an anti-tie as they’re often worn by those who reject formal wear. Our knitted chainmail turtlenecks are extremely warm and therefore suitable for bitter climates.

Gloves, on the other hand, have been worn since antiquity. They’ve been worn for warmth or as an important part of the armour since the hands and arms are particularly vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat. Our seamless gauntlets keep the wrists warm while allowing fingers to touch screens and roll tobacco.