Tales of Guild 14.11.2017

Chapter Three

Photographer –
Video – Felix Laasme
Models – Carina Leps & Karl-Lennart Meri

All that our paths cross with
remains in us, creating
the way we see the world
others and ourselves
and yet, we are still the same.


Mirroring unity and harmlessness of cultural fusion, our third Chapter pairs high-end materials suitable for bitter climates together with an effortless yet noble approach to streetwear.

“Post-paganism. Post-Teutonic. Post-Empire. Post-Soviet. Post-Command…”

“It all grows in us. All that our paths cross with – every person and situation we meet – it all remains in us, shaping the way we see the world, others and ourselves. And yet, we’re still the same. Eternal. And good.” – explains the impulses behind the collection GUILD’s designer Joan Hint.

From memories of ancient
Finno-Ugric queens to Soviet dandies and the turbulent 90’s.

The collection is full of heavy coats, rich denim choices and bizarre hats.
The collection’s available in our store and online.