Tales of Guild 04.02.2023

Bags & Boxes

Written by Joan Hint
Photography by Felix Laasme
Design Felix Laasme, Joan Hint & Sten Karik

We are often asked: “Why do you put so much effort into everything?” In our products, in our branding, in our storytelling, in our store, in our people…Truth is – it is all about the experience! Isn’t that what all life is about? Experience that we can give to others and to ourselves, too.

But what exactly is a brand experience? It includes consistently excellent product quality, a unique visual language, store design, and atmosphere, making our guests feel welcome and seen. Our storekeepers are courteous, knowledgeable, and genuine; we all love what we do. It’s like a perfect storm!

As so, it is only natural that we also put the same kind of energy into our new packaging design. We understand the importance of providing a quality shopping experience, and our new shopping bags reflect that commitment! Beautiful packaging is like cherries on top – our bags are designed with durability and sophistication in mind. Crafted of high-quality paper, they are both lightweight and durable, so they can be used multiple times. Hopefully, our dedication will always bring a smile to your face whenever you’re using the bag again! With our signature logo printed on the front, and a luxurious pattern printed on the sides, our shopping bags will hopefully make a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.

The online shopping experience is equally important. We are not enthusiastic about unnecessary layers of packaging, countless plastic wraps, etc. So we decided to make something simple that would still reflect our brand philosophy. Crafted of recycled cardboard, the boxes are dyed with our signature sage ink and are adorned with our griffin logo to serve as its guardian. On the sides of our packages, you will find our motto, “One for All and All for One,”; a reminder of the importance of community and unity.

The interior of our boxes is lined with a deep charcoal color and decorated with our signature sonnet and colors. To add a bit of poetry to the mix, our packages are decorated with three swords that represent courage, strength, and power.

We are the Musketeers of Our Time
the fearless flaneurs and lovers of life

We turn invisible crowns into wondrous hats
and unite traditional tailoring
with effortless elegance.

Being a bridge between eras
we carry a sense of legacy
with a vision for the future.

Excellence with ethical change,
we value creation
that would withstand time.

And last but not least – the wondrous silk papers with our signature patterning. The paper is decorated with luscious colors such as deep reds and blues and wraps around the product like a layer of abundance!

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