Tales of Guild 25.04.2023

Guild Storekeeper: Meet Hortensia

Photography by Felix Laasme
Interviewed by Joan Hint


We’re so glad to have you with us! You’ve been with us for a few months, and the synergy is amazing. You’re a fast learner, attentive, and kind. We remember you wanted to join us already last year and we’re flattered you wrote to us again! What made you do it? Why GUILD?

Thanks! The pleasure is mutual. I see in GUILD many values that tune with my own — mostly the ethical side of GUILD and genuine respect for craftsmanship. Your creation’s aesthetics and sheer beauty are just entrancing, and I admire the utter attention to every detail. Having some experience in stylist work and costume design, it seems like a match made in heaven.


Do you have a favorite GUILD product?

I find many of GUILD’s garments to be masterpieces. The Astlanda Robe is such a darling — it wraps you in warmth and is super practical, elegant, and timeless. Essential in winter times and an excellent companion as a summer coat in chillier weather. I’m a big fan of the Robe de Malmadaam as well. As you can probably guess by now, I’m a please-wrap-me-in-a-robe kind of a lady.


Tell us a bit about your background – 3 most noteworthy things/situations/points that made you YOU?

Growing up in Nõmme (the suburbs of Tallinn) with a big family and many animal companions, riding my bicycle, and exploring the nearby forests daily have created the most solid foundation of my core being.

Also, I’ve been most influenced by the freedom and luck to explore different creative mediums from an early age. This has led to many single and co-creative projects in the world of theatre, acting, costume design, and fine arts throughout my life journey. I’m genuinely grateful for it. The glue binding these different creations together, or the thing that makes me tick anyhow is a soft spot for stories… which I believe unite us all as human beings.

As a more concrete life event, I’d highlight my first plane trip — to the North of India, Ladakh. I was 18, and we mostly explored nature, hiked in the mountains, and visited local monasteries with my best friend and other companions for a few months. We were guided by a local friend, a Tibetan monk who mainly lives in Estonia. This adventure truly broadened my worldview and made me see how different cultures can change and create our reality. Also, this experience made me grow into a curious traveler who likes to journey with open eyes toward the local ways, not so much as a tourist guided strictly by her habitude.


Three songs that sound like you?

1. David Bowie – Starman

— was the song I always put on as a kid and danced with zest when my parents asked me to change the LP… until they didn’t let me change the records anymore.

2. Angelo Badalamenti – “Twin Peaks Theme”

— somehow familiar but eerie, melancholic, and nostalgic. A mysterious song that always makes me visualize pine trees and familiar forests.

3. Gerry Rafferty – “Right Down the Line”

— with this kind of vibe, I’d like to groove through life.


What about a life motto?

Energy flows where attention goes.


The book that changed your life?

“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien was the book I read at a young age, which made me dive deeper into other books and genres with pure joy


Is there anything you like to ask from people? Like icebreaker material. Let’s prepare our guests for that!

Honestly, I haven’t thought this through and rather see that the conversations will be individual and based on the guests I meet. But I’ll keep something in my back pocket, maybe in the following direction… What’s your favorite garment (that you often choose to wear)? What is the craziest place you’ve traveled to?


What was the worst style choice you ever made?

I used to experiment a lot with hairstyles in my teens. Once upon a time, I had a red curly short boy cut — I could have been mixed up with someone’s granny (with all due respect and love to all the grandmas out there). And at one point, I had long blonde crimped hair — basically, I looked like a pale skinny poodle.


What would it be if you could bring back any fashion trend?

Lucky to live in an era where we can basically wear anything and get away with edgy choices. I do adore cape collars on coats. And minimal shirt collar jewelry and bolo ties, driven from the westerns and cowboy culture.


What would it be if you could learn one more skill

Drawing and writing with both hands at the same time. Playing the piano or horseback riding would be cool as well. I could go on with the list…


Okay, an easy one – your favorite flower? Let’s make it easier for some, as you really are charming!

Haha, thank you! I can see what you’re aiming at. Well, hortensias are great, and I’ve grown to love the flowers and my name, although I didn’t get along with either of them when being little — I guess it’s a thing many children go through while growing up.

But my favorite flowers are poppies and have been so since childhood. Just the watercolorish picturesque melting of these red petals, instead rarely spotted by chance on bypassing fields dancing together in the summer wind with other plants and straws. There’s something wild about them!


What is The best advice you’ve ever been given?

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.