Tales of Guild 18.05.2023


The Wine of the Musketeers

The time for rosé is back! Our heavenly blend of Earthly notes and Provencal sun is made with the finest, organically grown Cinsault and Grenache Noir grapes from the Luberon mountains. The perfect companion for dining al fresco under the midday sun or midnight stars with your loved one – the pale, crystal clear rosé is a true drink of the Gods!

This wine is so special for us because this is the first batch with our signature patterned corks. As the wine of the last year was such a great success, we elevated the production from 600 to 1800 bottles, and therefore, we were also able to upgrade the labels with our signature, gilded G symbolism.

The top sommelier Marko Mägi described the wine as “incredible” with all the “elegant touches the finest rosés have in the world.”

Hand-harvested in the early morning hours to preserve the integrity of the grapes, GUILD Rosé is aged on fine lees in stainless steel vats for four months before being bottled at the end of winter to preserve its maximum aromatic potential. The result is delicate and fragrant, with hints of exotic fruits and light berries, exuding an air of elegance. On the palate, the wine delivers a rich and complex flavor profile with an exquisite balance of acidity that adds a graceful structure and a lively, unique character. The finish is succulent and expressive, leaving your mouth with an appetizing blend of crisp fruits.

2022 is an excellent vintage as the weather was hot and dry. Our vinery is located high in the Luberon mountains. In summer, the microclimates allow the vines to benefit from cool nights, which reduce the day’s heat. The presence of the Mistral wind, which is active year-round, plays a vital role in the irreproachable healthy state of our grapes.

A cold winter allowed the vines to find their budding cycle and thus avoid spring frosts. A lack of water at the end of winter and a mild spring allowed the vines to blossom! The summer was scorching, with several heat waves reminiscent of the 2003 vintage. By mid-August, the storms hit our vinery with a good, saving rain, which allowed a nice end of ripening of the grapes. With excellent weather, September allowed us to harvest just at the peak of maturity. 2022 indeed, was an incredible year for our wine!

GUILD Rosé can be purchased in our flagship store as a single bottle or a six-bottle box.