Guild Talks 28.11.2023


Clothing GUILD
Character Rene Puura
Interview Joan Hint
Photography Felix Laasme

Lately, our paths crossed with René Puura

– an acclaimed session keyboard player who keeps winning hearts (including mine!) with his genuine sincerity, openmindedness, and, last but not least

– a talent unmatched!

1. Hi René, I am grateful to have had this little conversation with you! You’ve been wearing our jeans for some time now and are also one of our new musketeers – how do GUILD clothes make you feel?

There’s a saying that you recognize quality from afar. This morning, as I looked in the back mirror of my car, I immediately recognized the silhouette of one of the GUILD founders with whom we’re also doing this interview (HINT: c’est moi – Joan Hint).

I also like this little extravagant nuance about your clothes: you always identify the brand with its products. And that it gives you specific characteristics as well. I also like the feeling whenever I wear them – I’m telling you, you also recognize the difference between cheap and expensive trousers – or clothes in general – by wearing them.

And you know what – I also enjoy playing my part in supporting the growth of this brand. As Skype grew out of this tiny country, why not an exciting fashion label?

2. Thanks! I appreciate that – it really means a lot to me and our team! Do you happen to have a favorite GUILD product already?

I have a few pieces to choose a favorite, but I will fix this err very soon!

3. You know I’ve really enjoyed our conversations whenever we’ve met. Would you share with us your thoughts on masculinity? To be a man – in today’s society?

Masculinity has changed significantly from where it should be, and man has become more… fragile. The testo is in constant free fall, and I don’t know if it’s from what we consume in this society, but since the 1980s, the grip of men has become significantly weaker while the women’s grip instead has become stronger.

If we look at today’s youth, it’s also pretty “funny” – something I’ve noticed – that there is very little masculine courtesy. If you’re too polite with someone, buying a drink or making some compliments, it’s immediately assumed that you’re hitting on them. Men don’t open doors for women anymore. And the blame lies with the contemporary, hasty lifestyle. We eat a lot of junk food, don’t move our bodies anymore, and live in “closed worlds” – we work and work out in indoor spaces, run indoors, and honestly speaking – we should all run more on the grass!

4. Couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve read numerous studies on how stress is one of the main reasons for low testosterone and, at the same time, other studies on how outdoor activities are the ultimate de-stressors!

What would it be if you could say one thing to men/women?

What would I like to say to men and women? Be more present. The older you become, the faster time flies, and there are truly remarkable moments in life to experience. Wherever we go and whatever we do, the days seem to flash by so quickly, making it easy to unnotice what’s truly happening. It’s important to reflect on what you are grateful for, observe what’s occurring around you, and recognize the people in your vicinity.

Be more present. The older you become, the faster time flies, and there are truly remarkable moments in life to experience.

5. If you could have any historical figure over for dinner, who would it be, and what would you serve?

Nikolai Tesla and beef tenderloin – as this is the one dish I am really good at!

6. An inspiring story that has happened to you?

I remember being a little boy, and there was a series of concerts called Go Live. As I was there with my friend, I watched how Jaagup Kreem walked on the catwalk, Elmar Liitmaa was playing (the guitar), and the piano emerged from the stage, and I thought – how cool it would be if I too could do something like this in the future. And I could! (Hint: Rene is now playing with the same band!)

I know it’s way too often said that dream big – but DREAM BIG!

7. Three songs that sound like you?

As a musician, my approach to music is a little different… So, it’d be easier to share some of my latest favorites with you as I do not often listen to the lyrics.

8. Alright, you know what I’m going to ask next…

Rush – Tom Sawyer
Snarky Puppy – What About Me?
Willie Nelson – Gravedigger

9. What is the most useless talent you have?

I can fall asleep anywhere! (laughing)

10. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The magic that you are looking for is in the war you are avoiding.