Tales of Guild 28.11.2023

Guild Gift Guide

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

When it comes to winning hearts, there’s nothing better than acts of love.
Here’s a little 
gift guide for both ladies and gentlemen.


First of all, our Gift Cards are pure magic! Calligraphically handwritten and sealed with red wax in mysterious black envelopes the cards can be made in any amount. Instead of a sum, we can also write “New Hat” or “Your Dream Robe”. 
You can order the cards online or visit us in our flagship store. Please note that as our best calligrapher isn’t always in store – it’d be great if you could notify us in advance.

If you’d like to surprise your loved one with a bigger box, well – we haven’t yet met a lady who doesn’t love our robes! Seriously, our signature robes are a 100% safe bet!

But what makes them so special? Yes, they are visually appealing. But they are also so much more! They are easy to wear – from streets to nature adventures to fancy dinner parties. From harsh winter days to chilly summer nights – our robes truly are companions for life! They are easy to care for – no need for ironing, and dry-cleaning once a year is more than enough. Too good to be true? Wait, there’s even more – our materials are OEKO-TEX certified and look new even after years of use. That’s right! Years – maybe even decades. Time will tell!

You can order the robe online or come get it wrapped in silk paper in our flagship store – we’d be more than happy to help you find the right size and style for her!

Another great idea is to keep her warm with
the body-hugging pencil dresses!

Crafted of precious, OEKO-TEX-certified wool, the extraordinary dress combines the timeless elegance of a pencil silhouette with the unparalleled softness and flexibility of merino wool. The design embraces the curves and fits all body types.

Gold and diamonds are also known to be girl’s best friends – in our flagship store you can discover a unique selection of jewelry! From exclusive diamond pieces to empowering earrings handcrafted of gold and silver, the selection brings joy to every woman who cherishes a more unique kind of beauty.

For ladies who appreciate organic, non-toxic skincare

Our flagship store has deliciously smelling body creams, scrubs, lip balms, and face tonics from Bonobo. This is the only skincare range that we ourselves use and truly believe in!

And last but not least – a hat in a hat box! Full of silk paper, the box can contain a hat she has secretly desired for a long time or it can also contain a card with the message “Honey, this box will be a home for your new GUILD hat”. Wow effect and 1000 kisses guaranteed!


Men are always – always – in a need of new pair of jeans. Sounds too simple? Well, has he ever asked for underwear? Doesnt he do this every year? Same with jeans! The luxurious essentials bring them a lot of joy! 

If you’re not sure what size to take – espionage his old denim! If that turns out to be impossible, we can write him a gift card where instead of a sum stands “New Jeans”. 

He is not a suit guy, but you’d like him to be more gentlemanish? Think about our waistcoats! Easy to pair with jeans and classic shirts – and even T’s – and keeps him warm during the colder season! Again, if you’re unsure of his size, we can always compose him a gift card where the key to the promised land, aka “waistcoat,” stands instead of a sum.

Every gentleman needs a proper hat!

Our hats come in handsome boxes, and if you’re unsure what hat to gift, you can always opt for an “empty” box with a gift card. And remember – we also have hats only available in the flagship store!


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PS please note our store will be closed from 23-26.12.23