Tales of Guild 13.02.2022

From Universe to Metaverse

Photography & Digital Architecture – Felix Laasme
Superhero – Logan Merrick

The last few years have been bizarre. We’ve had the collective ‘WTF’ moment, we have adjusted, and we have survived. As a fashion brand with a real flagship store and our very own atelier, we’ve had more than one moment where we’ve envisioned – what’s next? What would be the best strategy if the world continues with lockdowns and mask mandates? What other possibilities the world has to offer?

And this leads us to the renaissance of the internet

– The Metaverse

We’re talking about the digital fashion revolution that is also about demolishing traditional industry barriers. But first – what is the metaverse? No one can say yet, because no one knows exactly how it will play out. “What we’re really talking about is the future of the internet,” says Cathy Hackl, the so-called “godmother of the metaverse”. To some, the metaverse is considered to be the next evolution of how we use the internet and how we interact, work and play online. With the evolution of Web3, it’s the ongoing manifestation of a newly formed hyperreality, and the rise in fashion NFTs might signal what’s next to come in virtual world economies.

This leads us to another question

What are the NFTs?

They’re non-fungible tokens or a unit of unique data stored on the blockchain system that can be traded and sold. Most digital files can become NFTs, but talking about the goal of digital fashion is to allow users to choose an aesthetic for their avatars. There’s also a term “skins” – items of digital apparel that users’ avatars can wear inside virtual spaces or games. Each NFT or skin is a limited edition increasing the item’s value in time. When a skin is also an NFT it extends even further: not only do they become digital reflections of identity in the metaverse but also tokenized tradable objects. It’s a growing fashion subculture and for a generation embracing virtual identities, avatar digital wearables have become a popular form of ownership.

But this is just the beginning – after fashion weeks in the physical world, Metaverse platform Decentraland will even host a four-day digital fashion week with virtual shows, stores, and events. Starting 24 March, dozens of global brands and thousands of visitors can virtually experience fashion shows and showrooms, live music sessions, after-parties, and buy and wear digital clothing directly from catwalk avatars. Some collections will even have a physical twin.

“Fashions fade, NFTs are eternal”

The Web3 possibilities are endless

For us, as creatives, it gives us a chance to imagine and do whatever we like. And though there are negative side effects to the world of Metaverse as there are always two sides to the coin, it is still a world of possibilities, playful and liberating. For us, it also strangely connects our past with the present. We both are the generation that grew up with gaming. From the first Super Marios to more refined games with incredible, realistic graphics. We both have a background in acting — that includes being in close contact with the art of costumes. And when it comes to Joan, she spent most of her teen years in the world of Live Action Role Plays, meaning crafting endless costumes to create the looks of the fantastic characters she portrayed. The dots are coming together and in a way, it even might give us an advantage as we think and create differently.

We’ve always combined fantastic worlds and historical elements with our designs. We’ve given our best while trying to reflect the imaginary world of our minds but as a small brand, we’ve also been limited in bringing this all into real life. But expanding into the realms of NFTs feels like the gamechanger! It is a bit too early to reveal all the plans we’re already working on but we just couldn’t help ourselves and decided to share some of the first looks with you already. But one thing is for sure – futurist fashion is here to stay! The arena to explore and express our individuality is endless and the beauty of it defies all cons.

Fashion has always been about fantasies

And the digital will not outpace the physical clothing market anytime soon, if ever at all. As there is nothing compared to the joy of draping ourselves in the real materials, the soft silks and cashmere wools. It’s something magical about the emotion that real clothes give you but as it’s all about the emotion, it’s also magical that it may be achieved through digital fashion as well.

So keep an eye on our news – the possibility of becoming a digital GUILD musketeer is closer than you can even imagine!

One for All & All for One!