Tales of Guild 19.05.2016

Guild In Barcelona

We’re at the Barcelona denim fair,
once again!

Catching up with our incredible fabric makers from Italy to Japan and selecting the finest detail solutions from millions of buttons, rivets and labels, mad and rad!

While at the fair, we were also spotted by numerous street style photographers who were especially enchanted by our musketeer Peep Vähi.

As we knew what we went there for, we did the fair in one day so the next three days we had plenty of time to wander around. Here are some of our highlights and recommendations:

⬧ Casa Batllo

One of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces, the art nouveau building was designed in 1904. There are very few straight lines, and much of the facade is decorated with a colourful mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles. The roof is arched and was likened to the back of a dragon – the locals even call the building Casa dels Ossos (House of Bones) for it’s visceral, skeletal organic quality.

⬧ Sagrada Familia

Definitely the most fascinating sacral building we’ve ever seen! Designed by Art Nouveau master Antoni Gaudi, the constructions started in 1882. Gaudí devoted the remainder of his life to the project, and at the time of his death at the age of 73 in 1926, less than a quarter of the project was complete. The building is still in the final stage of construction but it already is a miracle!

⬧ Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Our favourite garden of Barcelona where we also captured our Canicular Days with Dmitri Gerasimov. It’s one of the oldest gardens in town that comprises an 18th-century neoclassical garden and a 19th-century romantic garden.

⬧ Parc de Güell

Another Gaudi’s miracle, the wondrous park was built between 1900 and 1914.

⬧ German Pavilion

A pearl of modern architecture, the pavilion is celebrated for its simple form and spectacular use of extravagant materials, such as marble, red onyx and travertine. The Pavilion was designed by Ludwig van der Rohe in 1929.

⬧ Sant Pau del Camp

A true ancient marvel, the Romanesque monastery is documented since year 977.

⬧ Casa Vicens

A modernist house that is considered to be one of the first buildings of Art Nouveau. It was also the first house designed by the great Antoni Gaudi.

⬧ Mossen Costa I Llobera Gardens

Despite the garden taking up around 6 hectares of the Montjuïc hillside, it is some of the least known and visited gardens in the city. Displaying all kinds of plant and tree species from the desert, sub desert, tropical areas, and highlands, it is also home for the huge collection of cacti (about 800 different types) originating in many different continents and countries.

And of course, we also wined and dined – our mornings went by in Molika Cafe, a great place of smoothies, good coffee and fresh bocadillos and pastry.

Our evening favourites were definitely Flax&Kale by Teresa Carles and Cerveceria Catalana where you may enjoy the best tapas in town! Both of them are extremely popular among locals so be sure to book a table!