Tales of Guild 07.07.2018

Guild Store Opening

Photographers – Andri Peetso & Henri Vares
Medium Format Photographer – Silver Mikiver

One of the most notable dates of our time
is the 6th of July, 2018

The day when we finally managed to open a store right in the heart of old town, Tallinn! As we resurrected the concept of Hanseatic guilds many years ago we also built our own boundaries – values that needed to be reflected, such as the fact that back in the days, guilds were operating only in town centres. The miraculous Reval (nowadays Tallinn) was one of the most spectacular cities of the Hanseatic League, and only in the heart of it we could see us creating our own magic, too. Here you may read the full story how this impossible dream came true.

The opening itself was a blast!

Hundreds of people came to celebrate with us and it is always the people who make the evening – the vibe was something very different we’ve ever seen on any fashion event or store opening! Ceremonial, almost sacred atmosphere carried the night and opened the hearts to the beauty and the true value of coming together. We are very grateful for everyone who made toasts, told stories and made us sing together – especially, we’d like to give thanks to Mick Pedaja, Rain Tunger, Jane Kruus, Kevinski the great magician, Erki Kaikkonen, Agne Nelk and Ivo Naries – thank you for you made this night truly unforgettable!!

Big heart to Mumm Champagne, Veuve Clicquot, Freixenet, Fentimans lemonades and Reval Vesi – thanks to you many miracles happened! The biggest gratitude goes out to our tailors and musketeers, hat maker, blacksmith and carpenter as thanks to you we know – there are still people who truly want to give their very best in everything we do!

It was such a magical evening – Thank You All!

The GUILD Store is situated on Lai 36, Old Town of Tallinn
The Opening Hours are from Tue-Fri 11.00-19.00
and on weekends 12-16.00
All other times by appointment

You’re more than welcome to stop by!