Tales of Guild 26.01.2018


Photographer: Felix Laasme
Models: Joan Hint, Sten Karik & Anton Khmelnitsky

The horns are blowing and flags are swaying
– folks we have set the sale!

As we are also building a new store on Lai street, Tallinn and hope to open in late spring – we’ve figured out a clever plan to sell everything that’s available in our current store Toomrüütli so we could make our long-time dream come true: a proper store open straight to street. We’d be way more approachable, right? The wunderkammer Toomrüütli will become purely a creative space and therefore, closed to the public – if you haven’t visited this magical little store yet where everything once started it definitely is the best time.

All new creation such as Chapter Three, the blossoming Visionaries and hats are since today -20% in-store and online. The items from previous collections and unique samples shall enjoy even greater melting – many things are up to -50%. Coats, suits, pencil skirts, trousers, waistcoats, cardigans, kimono dresses, hats and jeans are just a few to mention that will definitely cherish you for years to come.

We’re situated on the hill of Toompea, at the end of a street called Toom-Rüütli. If you find house number 10, choose the magical gate. You’ll know. There’s no doorbell. Call +372 6332335 and say “I’m here, I’m at the magical gate” and you’ll be let in. But only if it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!

Otherwise, write to us and keep your fingers crossed that everything’s possible and we may meet and greet at the weekends as well.
Anyway, you’re more than welcome!