Tales of Guild 07.08.2023

Smiles Are The Soul’s Kisses

Photography – Felix Laasme
AD – Joan Hint & Sten Karik
Styling – Joan Hint
Make Up – Paul Holmberg
Hair Intersalon – Elisabeth Raudsepp & Marleen Müller
Location – Päris Restaurant
Silk Scarves – Fankadelik & MS Vintage


Bonjour! We are thrilled to share that recently, our team had the pleasure of orchestrating a stunning photoshoot featuring three graces and our empowering kimono robes amidst the refined ambiance of a French restaurant Päris in the heart of Tallinn.

We wanted to give you an idea of how to dress up the new robes in dreamy shades – and how good they look with heels and simple, chic slip dresses!

The muses were Hanna Martinson – with a stage name LeHANNA – an upcoming musician to watch! Some may know her from the movie “The Ghost Mountaineer” or TV shows. The brunette beauty is Kätlin Hallik, our long-time muse and the winner of the Next Top Model, a cabaret dancer, and a social media marketer. And last – but not least – Agne Vaher, a dazzling beauty, fashion model and a social media influencer.

Do you remember your first thought when you first heard of GUILD?

Agne: That you’re soooo different in a good way, it just puts you to scroll over and watch all the items if you visit the GUILD website, for example. It happens with only a few brands – Guild clearly has its unique style!
Kätlin: I remember Guild’s first campaigns and was in awe! The photos were from another reality and time. It was like watching a movie with very well-dressed characters. With just a glimpse of the pictures, you can tell right away there is a profound story behind all of them.

Thank You, we’re thrilled to hear that! If you could pick your favorite GUILD product, what would it be?

Hanna: Hands down, the hats! I’m a proud owner of two GUILD hats, and I have never worn an ultra-stylish headpiece with a timeless quality that sits so well! I’m rocking the beige SPANIARD and RAEGEL with a leopard pattern. Tell me more about boldness…

Agne: Pelagia dress – I loooove everything flowy, and this dress has lots of it! Also, this look reminds me of Greece, which I love a lot 🤍

Kätlin: My current favorite is a black lady hat Comtesse. I dreamed of wearing it for a long time, and I love its elegant style and mysterious look. You could easily peek at people without them even noticing you doing it!

What about other favorites? Anything we should be aware of?

Hanna: I ordered a tie-dye T-shirt from an online shop a few years ago. I wore it everywhere since I liked the pattern, and the material was like a second skin. My love for the T-shirt grew so big that I didn’t want to take it off like ever, and I made this my official “home shirt.” BUT. The T-shirt started to break down, and one hole after another began to appear. The holes in the shirt got bigger until some got too big – the biggest was about 12cm wide. Haha! Also, I felt a bit homeless wearing it, but it was the most comfortable piece of clothing ever made. Unfortunately, the brand no longer makes this T-shirt – otherwise, I would have at least 10 of them! I got rid of this shirt a few months ago. And I’m telling you – it was emotional!

Haa! We’ve had it with some of our favorite jeans! So it’s clear what Hanna would wear, but girls, what would it be if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life?

Kätlin: If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, I would wear a black Astlanda robe, lady hat, and high-waisted jeans. All in black. This set is just so comfortable, elegant, and timeless.

Agne: A white oversized shirt & black relaxed trousers with mocassins, finished with accessories (earrings, watch, simple necklace).

How would you describe your style in one word?

Agne: Minimal

Hanna: BOLDMAXIMALIST! (I promise I tried to choose one word)

Let’s get to the intriguing ones – what’s the most ridiculous rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Hanna: That I’m cocky. I was shocked when I heard that. Whoever has had any encounter with me would know that I have a mind of a dog. There’s zero cat in me. At times I may be even too talkative and overwhelmingly friendly. But one thing I know – I may have a resting bitch face now and then (haha), but don’t let that lead you to the wrong lane. The second you start talking to me, my face lightens up! I want to make people feel good about themselves – a simple smile can go a looong way!

Any annoying habits?

Kätlin: I sneeze crazy loud. It is a fantastic relief but it feels like an earthquake for my friends.

Agne: Since I eat many apples, I tend to leave the apple stems everywhere!

What about your music libraries – what’s the most embarrassing thing you hide there?

Hanna: Tinie Tempah – Pass Out – I know the lyrics by heart and sing along with the loudest voice every time the song goes on! This song symbolizes the time when I was 18, and you could find me rocking the dance floor every weekend in full swing! Oh, these times…!

Three songs that sound like you? We love music recommendations!

Troye Sivan – Rush
Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire
Jazzy – Giving Me

Zubi, anatu – Sugar
Gotan Project – Santa Maria
Eartha Kitt – I Want To Be Evil

If you could have any historical figure over for dinner, who would it be, and what would you serve?

Agne: Probably someone from Greek mythology – for some reason, I’ve been interested in it – I watched and played many Hercules games when I was little… Or perhaps, Marilyn Monroe!?

What would your power be, and what would your costume look like if you were a superhero?

Kätlin: I would love to time-travel. So I would need a special robe or a cloak that would allow me to travel and see the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids coming to life, enjoy 20s glamour in New York, etc.

What is the best advice you’ve ever had?

Hanna: Everything happens for a reason. Yes, I know your first thought: cheesy! But hear me out. My mother always says that, and I couldn’t agree more. There have been many situations in life that first seemed unfair or hard to deal with. But looking back, if those situations hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have had many unique experiences. If one door closes, the other opens. It may take a week, a month, or even a few years, but I promise you – you will look back and realize that this *bad* thing that happened was essential for you! This mentality also makes coping with difficult situations much easier. I always believe that the Universe works for us, not against us.

Kätlin: I have realized over the years that no one has life figured out. So the most important thing is to trust yourself and dress as well as you want to be remembered. Also, a thought that made me think is “What you think you will become. ”

Agne: Take that risk! If you don’t, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life and never know what could’ve happened! It’s like, “Oh my, but what if I fall? Oh babe, but what if you’d fly?”