Tales of Guild 06.04.2020

Lucy’s Magazine

Photographer Rene Gibson
Styling Ave Rohtla
MUAH Erle Taklai
Interviewed by Joan Hint
Clothing GUILD

Lately, an inspiring model Ave Rohtla teamed up with Paris based photographer Rene Gibson and created a visual series full of Nordic warmth

published by Lucy’s magazine

As Ave lately lost a mother, the idea was to pay a tribute to all mothers, especially Estonian mothers who through centuries have gone through fire and ice to raise life that is still connected with nature, and goodness.


The impulse to create this series came from you. Tell us about the fire behind it?

The idea of this series was born in Paris last summer when Rene and I wanted to create a video project in a place where I was born. The project was supposed to be a tribute to the most important person in my life – my mom. Each chosen location either reminds me of her or was somewhere we spent time together. Regarding the styling, Guild seemed to be like the only option because your style worked perfectly without mood board and it is an amazing local brand with local production.


Thanks, that’s lovely to hear! Tell us more about your mother. What was the biggest gift she gave you?

Biggest gift my mom gave me… There are so many! She was the person who raised me into the strong, confident and hard-working woman I am today. A gift you can’t put a price tag on!


Estonian people are known to be the least religious people on Earth and yet – everybody believes in something. What about you? What do you believe in? Do you believe there’s life after death, for example?

I definitely am not a religious person. My parents never pushed us to believe in anything, it was always our own choice. Right now, I believe mostly in myself. I believe if I work hard enough and treat others with respect and love I will have good karma. I’m not sure about life after death, but I believe in having a guardian angel that is always protecting me.


What does feminine experience mean to you? You have lived half of your life abroad, is the experience of being a woman different in Estonia?

Feminine experience means staying true to myself. We are living in an age where lines between men and women are getting blurrier every day. I think being a woman doesn’t define me. Even though I have been traveling and working all over the world for the past eight years, I don’t think being a woman in Estonia is different from anywhere else. Maybe it’s even better being a woman in Estonia as we are equal to men and nothing is holding us back.


You know many wouldn’t agree here –
Estonia is known for the gender pay gap… Luckily, we showed the second most rapid improvement towards equality over the last two years. But I know what you mean – it’s about how it feels to be here. Most men are really respective towards women here. Is there anything you would like to say to Estonian women?

I would like to say to Estonian women to dream big and take the risks as there is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing something you didn’t believe you could do.

Ave Rohtla