Tales of Guild 01.06.2021

Nordic Kimono Robes

Photographer — Felix Laasme
Models — Carina (Icon), Natalija (System), Kätlin Hallik

Time to return to things that last.

Since the beginning of GUILD, one of the most beloved items has been our woolen kimono robes. Versatile, practical, and utterly beautiful, the robes have proven to be durable as some created more than 9 years ago still look like new. And not that they haven’t seen adventures – quite the opposite!

From streets to nature trips to fancy dinner parties

The empowering robes are faithful companions through life. They truly can change like chameleons – style the robe with stilettos and slip dress and you may be sure to be the most elegant gal of the night. Style it with combat boots and it’ll transform into hiking gear. Style it with sneakers and you’ll find the most loyal companion to face everyday adventures. And so through all seasons – from harsh winter days to chilly summer nights.

Most of our robes were designed to be worn in 3 to 4 different ways – like our Astlanda and Acadia robes. One option is to wear them as openly falling light coats. The second and third option is to play with the belt – either wrap it into a perfect dress or effortlessly create a leisure look. And the most peculiar part is that the long robes may be worn backward as well, revealing seductively your pretty nape. Crazy, huh!?

So how come we’ve managed to create such a long-lasting, timeless beauty in the age where quality seems to have gone missing in almost all fields of life? 

Well, it all starts with the quality of the material. We use ethically sourced wool from New Zealand and Australia. Lands, where lambs roam, need no extra watering and are only rain-fed, making it a sustainable choice for water usage. 
The wool is then woven in a family-owned factory that’s been operating since the 17th century. Skills together with experience result in a material that looks new even after years of wear. All of the wools are OEKO-TEX certified and are eventually crafted into robes under the careful hands of our tailors in the old town of Reval. 

So why again do we love wool so much?

First of all, we are against synthetic materials that pollute the environment and are toxic to our bodies. Second, we stand for sustainability meaning we keep in mind the processes and resources that are needed to create fabrics. We also find that everything humans create should be biodegradable and not leak microplastics into soil, oceans, and groundwater. And did you know wool has the miraculous ability to store carbon? Just like trees do! 
Natural wool is breathable. Durable. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and cools when it’s hot. It also keeps dry as wool can absorb around 30% of its weight before you start feeling wet. And great wool is also self-cleansing, making it easy to take care of! Our robes do not need any special care at all – even if you wear them daily. Just take it to dry-clean once a year. There’s no need for ironing either, store it on a hanger with a little bag filled with lavender and it’ll be perfectly wrinkle-free. 

If these values resonate with you too..

You’re welcome to join the tribe of Women Who Care. After all, as Dalai Lama once said – “The world will be saved by (Western) women. Not any women, perhaps not all women, but Burning Women. Women who have stepped out of silence and into the fullness of their power. Angry women who love the world and her creatures too much to let it be destroyed so thoughtlessly for a moment longer.”

Meet our signature robes