Tales of Guild 22.08.2018

Põhjamaised Palmid

Cinematographer — Felix Laasme
Photographer — Dmitri Gerasimov
Art Direction — Joan Hint
Producer — Sten Karik
Style — Joan Hint & Sten Karik
MUA — Ellen Walge
Hair — Olga Krõlõva

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

— Rumi

This summer has been the warmest of them all. Once the first day of heat made its glorious mark, we all welcomed it with open arms – the arrival of warm waters, soft winds and silky grass, thousand blossoms and the never-ending chorus of birds and intoning bees, echoing through the trees like one, sweet medley, opening our hearts to the world of abundance and prosperity. And the hazy lazy afternoons, when the sun casts shadows and sparkles on our shoulders. Such tropical degrees have already created wisecracks as “Nordic is the new Riviera” – just instead of palm trees we have pines offering some shade while reminding how vulnerable we all are.. and how soft is our skin. Yours, next to mine… and the salty smell of your hair.

Eternal, it feels, this moment between you and me. This warmth, these colours, this sky. This Love. Written on the sands with stardust, was is truly washed away by the sea?

I inhale you. I try to remember.

“Or can one ever remember love? It’s like trying to summon up the smell of roses in a cellar. You might see a rose, but never the perfume. And that’s the truth of roses, isn’t it? — The perfume?” Arthur Miller has once asked.

It is, about the perfume. This salty, evanescent and poetic perfume of Life. The moments that always seem to last forever are often gone before we even grasp their existence. And sooner than we expect, the starry heavens are tipped in sapphire shades again while the winds invite the golden leaves for their final, cheerful dance.

The world changes, once again, and so do we. And yet, something remains – it always does.

“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.”

— author unknown

The pre-fall collection was captured on the Northen shores of Estland. Crafted of organic hemp, light wool and spectacular denim, the collection is available in GUILD Store, Tallinn and online.