Tales of Denim 08.09.2017

Son Of A Viking

Photographer – Khmelnitsky

Model – Felix Laasme

“He is truly wise
who’s travelled far
and knows the ways of the world.
He who has travelled
can tell what spirit
governs the men he meets”

Words of wisdom from Old Norse Havamal
(“Sayings of the High One”) served as spiritual provision for the Vikings on their long journeys over the rough seas.

Although more than a thousand years old, such words still carry value, since in important respects man himself has hardly changed in the course of the centuries. The essential qualities of life, too, are still the same as they were in the days that the Havamal was written: a man who has fire, a view of the sun, good health, and personal integrity is better placed than one whose life is spent in pursuit of wealth, luxury, and impressing others.

In the old philosophy of the North, each individual was responsible for his own life, shaped by his own fortune or misfortune, and created a life for himself from his own resources.

This week we captured one Viking descendant – our loyal friend and truly talented photographer Felix Laasme. We’ve seen many people in our lives but never anyone like he is. Calm and compassionate, generous and reliable he is a true warrior of light who’s mainly interested in creating beauty, living simple and swimming in seas, rivers and lakes. No matter the temperature nor the time of the year.

Felix chose to be photographed in our dark beige Artisan Coat and Tempus jeans. Handcrafted of 10oz stretch denim, the Viking’s set is made to order.